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likely to be these between different world-wide
types and associations of workers.
So far with Union Now. One of Mr Streit's
outstanding merits is that he has had the courage
to make definite proposals on which we can bite.
I doubt if a European could have produced any
such book. Its naive political legalism, its idea
of salvation by constitution, and its manifest
faith in the magic beneficence of private enter-
prise, are distinctly in the vein of an American,
almost a pre-New Deal American, who has
become, if anything, more American, through
his experiences of the deepening disorder of
Europe. So many Americans still look on at
world affairs like spectators at a ball game who
are capable of vociferous partisanship but still
have no real sense of participation ; they do not
realise that the ground is moving under their
seats also, and that the social revolution is
breaking surface to engulf them in their turn.
To most of -us—to most of us over forty at any
rate—the idea of a fundamental change in our
way of life is so unpalatable that we resist it to
the last moment.
Mr Streit betrays at times as vivid a sense of
advancing social collapse as I have, but it has
still to occur to him that that collapse may be
conclusive. There may be dark ages, a relapse